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Frederiksborg Castle Garden - many gardens in one
The castle garden which surrounds Frederiksborg Castle is a huge part of the experience when you visit the beautiful renaissance castle in Hillerød. It is a big recreational area for the towns inhabitants and the many visitors from all over the world. Here garden enthusiasts can experience different styles side by side: Baroque meets romanticism - the strictly controlled finds in its contrast the natural landscape.

The Baroque Garden
The Baroque Garden, designed by J.C. Krieger in the 1700s and recreated in 1993 – 96, is a magnificent example of landscaping and gardening. The garden is built of four terraces which descend downwards towards the castle lake. It is characterised by straight lines, meticulous box hedges, finely manicured grass slopes and shaped trees and hedges. It all demonstrates how the ideal in the 1700s was mans' control of nature. Along the central axis runs a water feature with cascades that end in the castle lake. On the lowest level, you find four royal monograms: Frederik IV, who established the Baroque Garden, Christian VI, and Frederik V, in whose reigns the garden existed and finally Queen Margrethe II, who inaugurated the recreated baroque garden in 1996.

The Baroque Gardens history and mobile guide
If you want to know more about the Baroque Garden's history, you can use the gardens telephone guide. At six places in the Baroque Garden, you can hear the gardens history, its construction, its form, creation, and plants. Use your phone to call the numbers shown on the signs.

Guided tours of the Baroque Garden
It is possible to book a guided tour of the Baroque Garden with a trained guide from The Garden's Friends in Danish, English, German, Spanish or French. The tour lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes. Guided tours for groups can be booked by writing to See a list of prices here.

The Enclosure and The Little Deer Park
In the Enclosure (Indelukket) and The Little Deer Park (Lille Dyrehave), you can experience the Romantic Garden which came into fashion in the 1800s. Frederik VII founded these charming parts of the castle garden around the small Bathing House Castle (Badestueslottet), with twisting paths, channels and small islands, bushes, and forest-like growth. Here you can find beautiful nature experiences for the entire family: study the rich birdlife around the channels, where it in May bustles with goslings and ducklings and where the nightingale sings beautifully in the evening hours. You cannot find a more idyllic place to stroll arm in arm or enjoy a picnic.

Cafe Havehuset
Cafe Havehuset is the castle gardens idyllic cafe, which serves food and drink both inside and out. On the patio, you can see a large model of the Baroque Garden as well as an exhibition on the garden's history. The public bathrooms are also located at Cafe havehuset

Practical Information
The Baroque Garden is open all year round from 10 in the morning until sundown, although at latest until 21:00. The remaining castle gardens are always open to the public. Entrance to the garden is free. The cascades and fountain are on from may 1st until the end of the fall holidays in week 42. The cascade and fountains are on daily from 10:00 until 21:00. During the ringing of the castle bells, the waterworks are closed for 15 minutes.

Dogs are not allowed in the Baroque Garden. There is access to the remaining Castle Park all day. Dogs must be leashed in the Castle Park.


Rendelæggerbakken 3

3400 Hillerød

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