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Ndr. Beddingsvej 35

3390 Hundested




Halsnæs Bryghus – your brewery in North Sealand

Lovely food and really good beer! Let’s invite you to a lovely meal and a glass of good beer with a view of Hundested Harbour and life in the cozy quay alley. Halsnæs Brewery in North Sealand was born out of a vision of creating a tourist- and cultural attraction within the authentic environment of Hundested Harbour, and the former net workshop is the setting for a creative community owned by local citizens and summer guests from near and far. The brewery on the harbour lies between fjord and sea and right next to the town centre with its variety of shops.

Do you prefer sweet, bitter, light or dark?

The selection of beers is large and challenges you with varied taste experiences, and besides our standard bottled beer, you can choose to fill your glass with foaming good beer from the taps, also offering guest beer and the beer of the season. Enjoy a classic meal from the menu or get tempted by the day’s offer, for instance soups, salads, sandwiches, and warm dishes. The dishes from the kitchen reflect the seasons and the whims of the cook. The food is prepared with good produce, and we aim for plainness, tradition and harmony for the taste buds – also paying tribute to traditional dishes and giving them a twist.

Through the year the café and patio are filled with enchanting rhythms, absorption, dancing, and euphoria.

The calendar may offer blues, jazz, pop, well-known musicians, local stars, wine- and beer tasting, and lots more. By each event, you can read how to book an evening at the brewery. 


Ndr. Beddingsvej 35

3390 Hundested

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