Halsnæs Kayaking Map

North Sealand has open sea, fjords and large lakes. One of the best places to experience the area's blue and green nature is in Halsnæs, which offers it all.

A kayaking or kayaking vacation can be a unique experience with the chance to spot sea eagles, catch mackerel, find rare flowers and insects or just enjoy the summer in a kayak with sunscreen on the nose and glittering lights on the water level.

You can sail for a few hours or for several days and you can find safe routes with shelter in most wind directions because Halsnæs has water almost all the way around.


  • Nature and kayak guide Halsnæs Kayak card. NOTE that the map is in danish only. 
    Guide to coastal sailing in Halsnæs
    Both practical and nature descriptive texts.
    Route maps with both land and sea maps and a wealth of practical information and pictograms on everything from rental sites to tent site and shelter information.
    Made in close collaboration with local nature and kayak people from Halsnæs with in-depth knowledge of all the good places.
    24 pages, A4 format with spiral back. Printed on waterproof paper.
    Published 2019 by Halsnæs Municipality with support from the Outdoor Council.