H.C Andersen house Restaurant

In the heart of North Sealand in the old Asserbo lies Restaurant H.C. Andersen's House.

It is worth to pay a visit at the old Restaurant H.C. Andersen's House on Nyvej in Asserbo with real red-lined thatched idyll. You have to enter through one of the 2 cozy courtyards, where lots of flowers and candles in the evening create an adventurous atmosphere.


Inside you will find whitewashed walls, small-glazed windows with lace curtains and visible beams where H.C. Andersen's proverb is written in gothic writing, such as "what father does is always the right one" and "one must turn" and others.

The walls are carefully decorated with things that relate to the work of the old poet. All the tables are covered beautifully with fabric cloths and fabric napkins, candles in silver candelabra, proper cutlery and a good pepper grinder helps to create the right setting, whether it be a business dinner, family party, an evening with friends or a romantic dinner for two.

Extended opening hours at holidays and holidays.