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When you walk in Hørsholm Castle Garden, you will look in vain for the castle. It is torn down. But here once lay the impressive Hirschholm Castle, where Struensee and Queen Caroline Mathilde spent their love summer, later known as the Hirschholm Summer. The place contains a dramatic story that unfolds in the movie "A royal affair".

Folehavevej 15

2970 Hørsholm


Today, the park is a peaceful green space for citizens and guests in Hørsholm. The site where the original castle church stood is today Hørsholm Church.

Castle garden for a vanished castle

The lines from the Baroque garden system and the moat are still visible, and you can sense that here once was a large-scale plant. Hirschholm Castle was one of Europe's most beautiful Baroque castles, designed by architect Lauritz de Thurah and built in 1744. It worked for years as the royal family's summer residence - but after the scandal with Struensee and Caroline Mathilde, the castle was no longer used. It decayed and was finally torn down in 1810. But the more than 250-year-old lime trees still stand here.

Get the history at the museum

Get the story of Hirschholm Castle and the royal physician, Johann Friedrich Struensee, who de facto took over the leadership of Denmark from the mentally ill Chr. 7. Museum of Hørsholm, located as a neighbour to the castle garden, documents with the Struensee Collection the highly dramatic piece of Danish history.

A walk in the garden

The Danish Nature Board has restored the castle garden and recreated part of the symmetry of the old garden system from the Baroque era. You can take a walk in the park at approx. 1.5 km along a marked route which is also suitable for wheelchair users.


Folehavevej 15

2970 Hørsholm


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