Kollerødgård Ice

Welcome to Kollerødgård, whose ice cream was elected the best in Gribskov Municipality in 2016

Kollerødgård in North Sealand is a farm open to visitors, and with many opportunities.
Taste the ice cream from the cows on the farm, experience modern farming, and rent rooms for your party.

The animals
We have 120 dairy cows and as many in breeding (calves and heifers)
The animals walk free and graze the land during the summer.
The cows are milked twice a day and produce an average of about 30 litres of milk each.

The dairy
Kollerødgård ice cream is made with the milk from our own cows.
You can buy the ice cream here at Kollerødgård; we have no fixed opening hours, so you can just drop in.
You may call us on 50958677 so you won’t come in vain.