Medieval market at Esrum Kloster

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Klostergade 11

3230 Græsted



The exhibition room and the abbey vault will during 2019 undergo an extensive renovation. This means that the exhibition "Abbey life" and the reformation game "Faith, Power & Chaos" will be closed until the middle of October 2019. The festivals, holiday activities, food tales and much more will still take place. See more at

The store has temporarily moved to Møllegården. Here you can get genuine abbey products, Trappist beer, local delights and much more. This is also where you can get information about pilgrimage, events and much more. Møllecaféen is open as usual, and there is free access to the nature playground, the abbey garden and the outdoor exhibition "Experience the landscape".

The medieval market is a must visit. You will experience a genuine medieval atmosphere, with its aromas and drama. There are jousting tournaments, archery, medieval music and hangmen. There are working medieval workshops where you can see the smithy, the rope maker and the brush maker. You can buy medieval merchandise and eat at the inn.

The third weekend of June, the Esrum Abbey rewinds time when the area around the abbey is transformed into "Esrum Medieval Market". Here your senses will be bombarded by music, laughter,
knights fighting, lots of market life, bonfires, whole roasted pork and abbey beer in a steady stream.

Knights on horseback, wild fighting shows, musicians and jugglers galore.

In the big arenas, fighting shows are performed when the knights fight the deadly battles both on horses and on foot. And if you want to try the noble art yourself, you can go to a squire school, participate in strength tests, and finally be knighted. On stage: the musicians play authentic medieval music, the jugglers juggle, fire and spears, magicians enchant, the fool makes himself laugh, and the falcon trainer shows what the impressive birds are capable of.


Market and medieval craftsmen.

At the marketplace, you can discover a wealth of stalls with jewellery, bone, wool, leather, fur, weapons and much more. In the workshops, you can get tips from and talk to the blacksmith, the potter, the weaver, the seamstress, the shepherd, the armour master and the carpenter - and also experience them doing their craft. In the monastery garden, you can visit the wise monks and learn to write with feathers and inks, make herbal medicine and medieval icons.


Authentic medieval and abbey beer in steady streams

In the food and living areas, you can fill your stomach and quench your thirst in the many stalls while relaxing and enjoying the entertainment from the scenes. You can get sausages, pancakes, roasted pig and bread, cakes and pretzels from the medieval bakery and authentic medieval dishes from the bistro. In the inn "Den Kåde Munk" you burp in style after quenching your thirst in medieval drinks and propper abbey beer!

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Klostergade 11

3230 Græsted

Opening hours

27 Jun 20 / 28 Jun 20

Sat, Sun

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