Nødebo Huse

NØDEBO HUSE is a classic example of Kattegat coastline. The stretch consists of numerous reefs with lots of sandbanks and troughs, and the coast between the reefs changes with every storm as the sandbanks move. The stretch is approx. 2 km long and is always worth a visit. As the fish are often concentrated in small areas, it can be a good idea to move around when fishing. The stretch is ideal for fly fishing, because you can easily enjoy a casting distance of 20-25 metres.

In periods from April to November, there are large amounts of shrimps in the area, so it can often be worthwhile to use shrimp flies when fishing here.

In the spring, you can experience pure bonanza fishing here, since 2 of Halsnæs' largest drainage channels have their outlets on this stretch. Parking is available at Nødebovejen 156, 3390 Hundested and by Galgebjerg 4, 3390 Hundested.