(Postponed to 2021) Shakespeare Festival

Photo: Kristian Granquist

Kronborg 13

3000 Helsingør




Shakespeare Festival 2019 at Kronborg Castle offers extraordinary, yet very different open-air performances. Again, this year a stage will be built over the moat, and Kronborg castle will be the backdrop to the plays.

Shakespeares Richard III will be performed on the impressing open-air stage in front of the 660 seats. Before the main show begins, Adam Brix will in his one-man show, Shakespeare was here, as an introduction.

About the play

Richard is different. He knows that only too well. He has no hope of getting out of the box, which other people´s words and glances have trapped him in. He sees only one way to break out of the box and get the recognition, he is longing for: The Crown, the highest power. He decides to become a villain and to get rid of all competitors on his way. It becomes a fatal choice, which soon drags him and all, he meets on his way, through a labyrinth of power play filled with violence, sex, humiliation, murder, and ruin. Richard III is probably the evilest villain in the history of theatre. Do you dare look him in the eye?Read more here

Shakespeare was here

Every night before the performance, you can enjoy a free Shakespeare introduction. This unusual one-man-show presents an entertaining and notable gallery of international Shakespeare experts, all played by the same actor. It is a remarkable story that always interlinks Shakespeare, Hamlet, and Kronborg in one of the world’s greatest mysteries. Read more about the show here


Order a freshly made picnic latest two days before the show. Pick it up at café Kadetten close by Kronborg. Enjoy your dinner on the beautiful green castle grounds. Please bring blankets to sit on, because tables and benches are limited around the area. Read more about the Picnic here

Remember warm, windproof and rainproof clothes!

The whole evening takes place under a hopefully blue sky, in case the sky is hidden behind clouds, or it gets windy, it is crucial to wear clothes for all scenarios.

Find more information about the festival and tickets ad hamletscenen.dk


Kronborg 13

3000 Helsingør

Opening hours

01 Aug 20 / 23 Aug 20

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

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