Rent a Donkey Republic bike at Hillerød Station

Experience Hillerød and North Sealand by bike. It's super easy. Miles of fine signposted bike routes await. Get your bike and get going.

It is easy to get started; follow these simple guidelines

  • Download the Donkey Republic app to your Android or iPhone
  • Find a vacant orange bike, rent it and open with the app
  • Adjust the bike, so it fits you
  • You can lock and unlock the bike during the tour
  • The bike must be returned and locked at Hillerød Station.


So where to go?

Hillerød is an excellent starting point for exploring North Sealand by bike. Remember you can bring your bike on the local trains and busses.

1-2 hours:

Take a ride along the path surrounding the lake at Frederiksborg Castle. The path is called Søstien. Stop at the Baroque Gardens and enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the castle. Do visit the castle as well, and don’t miss a visit to the church.

2-4 hours:

Download a tour suggestion for a tour of 11 kilometres. On this tour, you can see the castle gardens and get an impression of the forests belonging to the National Park of Royal North Sealand. You may also follow the two bike routes signposted with route no 104 or 110; both start and end at the station.

4-6 hours:

Choose bike route 33 and head North to the coast and the fishing town Gilleleje. On this 27 Kilometers long trip, you will see the best of North Sealand. You can return by train to Hillerød.