The Secret of Kronborg

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Kronborg Slot

3000 Helsingør

Travel back in time to when Kronborg controlled the Sound and brought Denmark prosperity - but all is not as it should be, and it's your job to save the kingdom from the verge of bankruptcy

Explore the extraordinary Renaissance castle with 2000 rooms and refill the treasure chest. Here your skills are tested through riddles, codes and clues all the while you are led down to the dark underworld of Kronborg castle, where you have to cope with the clues in the glow of your oil lamps. Only you and your treasure map can break Kronborg's curse and once again fill the treasure chest.

The king has become sick with greed and has gone to war with all sides - he has left Kronborg and the kingdom on the edge of bankruptcy. In the King's absence, you must search the castle for the missing money to fill treasure chest again. Can you count on each other? Can you keep your own greed in check and abolish Kronborg's curse?


  • The Secret of Kronborg is also available in Danish and Swedish
  • It is not possible to book Kronborg secret for bachelor parties.
  • If you are you more than 8 people, you will be divided into groups. You must expect ten minutes of waiting time between each starting group.
  • The treasure hunt will be handed out in a Mystery Box ™ when you arrive at Kronborg Castle.
  • All our Mystery Hunts are self-explanatory.
  • Kronborg's Secret can be played in Danish and English.
  • You must pay an entrance fee of DKK 75 per person to Kronborg castle in addition to the price of Kronborg's Secret.
  • It is not allowed to be drunk or to drink alcohol in the castle.

Prices Sunday to Wednesday

  • Before 15 – 200 DKK p.p. 
  • From 15 – 300 DKK p.p. *

Prices Thursday to Saturday

  • Before 15 – 300 DKK p.p. 
  • From 15 – 400 DKK p.p. *
 * If the excursion extends past the castles official opening hours an added fee of 150 DKK p.p. incl. VAT will be added.


At Mystery Makers, we strive to deliver the best possible products. If you, against all expectations, are not happy with the product, we will refund you the money even if you have taken the goods.

The Secret of Kronborg is created by Mystery Makers. Read more 


Kronborg Slot

3000 Helsingør


Sunday-Wednesday, before 15 – p.p. incl. VAT

200 DKK

Sunday-Wednesday, from 15 – p.p. incl. VAT*

300 DKK

Thursday-Saturday, before 15 – p.p. incl. VAT

300 DKK

Thursday-Saturday, from 15 – p.p. incl. VAT*

400 DKK

* If the excursion extends past the castles official opening hours an added fee of 150 DKK p.p. incl. VAT will be added.

150 DKK

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