Food & drink

North Sealand – Copenhagen’s pantry. North Sealand represents the good life, good food, good drinks and the good experiences.
North Sealand has everything needed to meet your expectations of a culinary experience. North Sealand is not only the playground of Copenhagen and royalty, we also produce both traditional and innovative products.

Skilled food producers grow and process ingredients locally, so the distance from field to table is short. Restaurants work with seasonal ingredients in the New Nordic Cuisine, which is based on purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics.

North Sealand produces some of Denmark’s best wines and is home to Denmark’s first commercial winery, as well as farms with an abundance of amazing local organic produce and meat from free-range animals.

In North Sealand we make high-quality organic products and animal welfare products, which is why these foods are promoted by food networks in North Sealand such as Spisekammer Halsnæs and Gribskov Spisekammer and, last but not least, Smag På Nordsjælland (Taste of North Sealand).