The Gunpowder Works area

Photo: Industrimuseet Frederiks Værk

Kids and adults alike can learn all about explosives and cannons at the old Gunpowder Works which is part of the Industrial Museum Frederiks Værk.

It consists of a group of buildings which played a role in the production of gunpowder and cannons for Denmark’s participation in a number of wars.

The area is open to visitors during the summer season, and you can view the array of buildings and learn more about the dangerous processes involved in gunpowder production. Explosions were once an ever-present danger, but today your only risk in visiting the Gunpowder Works is that of learning. During the summer season, there are guided tours for children every Sunday.

In the area, you’ll find the Gunpowder Works, the Sulphur and Saltpetre barn and the Charcoal workshop.