Tisvilde Strand

Incoming Agents & Sightseeing suppliers

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Find information about sightseeing in North Sealand and how to get the information. Contact some of the true North Sealand experts for planning help, packaged tours, deals and more. 

At some of the destination's largest museums, you can book a “house guide” which ensures that your group does not lose or miss an important position.

Museums, where you can book a house guide, are Kronborg Castle, The Danish Maritime Museum, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Frederiksborg Castle, Fredensborg Palace, Knud Rasmussen's House, Rudolph Tegner's Museum and Sculpture Park, Nakkehoved Lighthouse, Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival and Nivagaard Collection of Paintings. 

If you would like a guide that can accompany the group partially or throughout the visit, please contact these local based companies.