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Hotel Hillerød-Receptionen

Facts of Hotel Hillerød

Photo: Nikolaj Danielsen

At Hotel Hillerød we will meet you. You can know our strong will and passion for creating the best framework for you and your stay.

  • Hotel Hillerød is a unique 4-star hotel with functional decor and an attentive staff that will make your visit a pleasant and memorable experience.

  • We have four meeting rooms: Available from noon, Café Glas seats 50 persons (75 with tiered seating); The Meeting Room, which seats anywhere from 4 - 25 persons, depending on the table arrangement; and our two suites.

  • While your meeting is underway, we offer access to both Wi-Fi and the necessary AV equipment.

  • 113 rooms – all with Wi-Fi.

  • The entire hotel is wheelchair-friendly, and there are free private parking facilities, as well as green areas in the immediate vicinity. 

  • Hotel Hillerød offers partnership agreements with other businesses



  • 4 Meeting rooms
  • Basic AV equipment
  • Free wireless network
  • 113 rooms
  • Disabled friendly

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