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Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter-Salsopstilling

Facts of Northsealand Conference Centre

Photo: Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter

The building is Ole Berg's life dream. His overall goal was to create a completely new and international business centre, where design, dynamism, well-being and motivation were to revolutionize the corporate culture in Denmark.

The building was to form the framework for the future internationally oriented companies, which here would have the opportunity to effectively position themselves against the demands and challenges that would be placed on a modern company in the coming years.

Scandinavian Trade Building, which today also goes by the name Nordsjællands KonferenceCenter, was built in the early 90s by Ole Berg, who was the founder of Time/system International, together with one of Sweden's largest real estate companies, PLEIAD Scandinavia and the large well-known construction company C.G. Jensen (today Skanska).

The then Minister of the Interior Thor Pedersen (V) carried out the first sod cutting in June 1990, and in the summer of 1991, Thor Pedersen was on the field again when he carried out the "raw house inauguration" of the buildings. The Scandinavian Trade Building was ready for actual inauguration in January 1992.


  • Varied conference rooms
  • Up to 360 guests
  • Impressive hall
  • Restaurant

Building style and decor

The auditorium was no exception to Ole Berg's zeal: he had to discuss and rule with his French supplier to get the perfect chairs.

However, he persuaded the manufacturer to make the desired improvements… fortunately, for they are incredibly comfortable. Since then, this type of chair has been sold to luxury conference centres around the world.

The fountain in the hall - constructed in Roman style - is conducive to tranquillity and contemplation during the day. At evening parties, it contributes to the magical atmosphere that ensures a perfect balance between the solemn and the fun.

Scandinavian Trade Building is held in an internationally inspired building style that has not been seen before in Denmark. The building, which is on three floors, is centred around the large bright hall. The entrance is an impressive brass portal inspired by a building located on the 5th—avenue in New York.

The hall itself is also inspired by the building itself, which, incidentally, has a marble floor perfectly similar to it. Ole Berg retrieved the last stones from the same quarry in Italy.

The six ficus trees are also imported from Italy. The lava stones in the centre's restaurant are imported from Iceland, and the elegant glass elevator is inspired by more than 20 Shopping Centers in the USA.

Ole Berg and the Aarhus architect Jørgen Johansen travelled America thinly to find the perfect inspiration. This then resulted in the beautiful elevator that is nevertheless built in Denmark.

Change of ownership

In January 1996, new owners took over the Scandinavian Trade Building and shortly after, the North Sealand Conference Centre was created, and the house's restaurant opened.

Today, the Scandinavian Trade Building is also home to several external companies that have rented out the centre's many offices.

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