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Pharmakon Conference Center - Focus on the environment

Photo: Pharmakon

Sustainability - we lookout for the future. Sustainability is many things - here we focus on food waste, so you can also be inspired

Pharmakon has focused on the environment, food waste and ecology. All employees in the kitchen and restaurant have been in training and work daily to take care of the environment through sustainability.

Food waste = surplus = new food

The employees in the kitchen go to great lengths to minimise food waste. Food waste is both the finished food that our guests do not eat and waste in connection with the production of food, i.e. what we cut off, pour out or otherwise throw out.

We are creative and produce many "fun" things from leftovers that we usually throw away. It is about shifting the focus so that in our everyday lives, we think: "What can I use this for?"
Of course, that is not all that can be used - but we can promise you that it has been a sport to get something good out of our profits.

We have selected the ten ideas that we have had the most success with and that we also think are helpful for you when you want to reduce food waste.

Ten ideas to avoid food waste


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