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Photo: Unikke Mødesteder

The strength lies in the diversity, and we cooperate across so we can offer more experiences in the same reservation.

Refugium Smidstrup Strand

To meet with others with the opportunity to develop together. To retreat and be able to immerse yourself in thoughts or texts for a while. Both wishes can be met at the St Lukas Foundation's Refugium Smidstrup Stran

Bymose Hegn

Bymose Hegn has a number of regular clients who enjoy the location and its surroundings – away from it all, with the calm necessary for quiet contemplation, learning, and the tools required to break routines and change habits.

Havgaarden Beach Hotel

Sun, wind, sand and water ... Welcome to Havgaarden Beach Hotel near Tisvildeleje in North Sealand.

Hotel Hillerød

The perfect place for network meetings! Within walking distance of Hillerød centrum and Frederiksborg Castle.

Pharmakon Conference Center

Welcome to one of the largest meeting/conference centres on Sealand, with 30 meeting rooms, a lecture hall, 135 guest rooms and a restaurant that seats 220.


Room for many people, big events and numerous activities!

Marienlyst Beach Hotel

Historical setting, comfort, quality and many options Marienlyst is located in a beautiful, tranquil setting, with direct access to Oresund and a great view of Kronborg Castle.

The Culture Yard

Events, meetings and conferences – the place for an extraordinary experience.

Konventum Conference Centre

If you like art, you’ll like Konventum!

Kronborg Castle

Use Kronborg Castle to hold your meeting in a royal setting. Take inspiration in the grandeur of Kronborg and the spirit of Hamlet.

ForSea Elsinore - Helsingborg

If your organisation or company is looking for an exciting venue for meetings and events, let us welcome you onboard – you’ll never see a better view of the Sound!

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