Bymose Hegn

Bymose Hegn

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Bymose Hegn has a number of regular clients who enjoy the location and its surroundings – away from it all, with the calm necessary for quiet contemplation, learning, and the tools required to break routines and change habits.

The goal at Bymose Hegn is to give conference guests the best possible framework for meetings, courses, and conferences. A structure and range of experiences that will win your appreciation and prompt your return business.

With this in mind, the conference department at Bymose Hegn would never settle for your garden variety mundane conference. They do something special for your meeting – and you.

The keyword is engagement. Bymose Hegn engages you as the client, to accurately discern the goal of your meeting or conference, and to create a framework to support that goal.


Contact Bymose Hegn

Hotelchef Søren Lassen Bartlmä

Bymosegårdsvej 11, DK- 3200 Helsinge 

Tlf. +454877 8300

Bymose Hegn facts

Bymose Hegn is located 35 minutes from Copenhagen, yet it might just as well be a different world.

Why Bymose Hegn?

Though Bymose Hegn is located just 35 minutes from Copenhagen, it might just as well be another world.