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Havgaarden Badehotel

Facts of Havgaarden Seaside Hotel

Photo: Havgaarden

Havgården Seaside Hotel is located less than 200 meters from Vejby beach, right next to Kattegat.

In clear weather, you can see to Kullen in Sweden. Havgaarden Seaside Hotel is from 1825. In its original form, it was an ordinary farmhouse. Ninety years later in 1915, Karen Ziebe bought the farm and converted the place to a guesthouse and sold the land to a total of 80 summer cottage parcels.

The property consists of 3 buildings. The main house was originally from 1827 but has been changed and rebuilt many times since and now houses, among other things, a modern restaurant with banqueting rooms and 18 rooms, all with bath and toilet. Many conferences, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and other events are held here.

The newer restaurant, Glasssalen (the glass room), seats up to 80 guests for more significant events.

There are good facilities which are excellent for smaller conferences, where companies wishing to have the place for themselves can host courses or events.

The on-grounds summer cottage oozes authenticity with a lot of cosiness and ambience.


  • Modern restaurant
  • Banquet facilities
  • 18 rooms
  • The glass hall seats 60 people
  • Smaller conferences and courses

Many conferences, confirmations, weddings, birthdays and many other events are held on-site. There is room for up to 60 guests at larger parties in the newer restaurant, the glass hall.

There are good rooms that can be used excellently for holding smaller conferences, where companies that want the place to themselves can successfully have similar courses.

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