Facts of Konventum Conference Centre

Konventum has many conference and meeting facilities.

Konventum has a large number of conference/meeting facilities:

  • The Auditorium has room for 190 persons, plus 60 in the balcony
  • The Conference Room has a capacity of 180, plus 30 in the gallery
  • The Oresund Room has an ability of 80, with the Atrium Room accounting for an additional 45 
  • There are also 17 meeting/instruction rooms. They can seat from 18 to 48 persons with a standard table arrangement. Additionally, there are 26 group rooms for small meetings and group work. 
  • Konventum is filled with nooks and small niches, where people can sit and talk, work and discuss. This was one of the primary goals of the design – that it be easy to get together. The layout advances conversation, as well as understanding.




Fakta om undersøgelsen  

  • Auditorium med plads til 190 personer 
  • Konferencesal med plads til 180 personer
  • 17 møderum
  • 26 grupperum

Konventum er et moderne konferencecenter. Men huset gemmer også på en spændende historie om dansk design, kunst og arkitektur som redskaber, der kan tilføre værdi til møder og konferencer.