Pharmakon Conference Center

Photo: Pharmakon

Welcome to one of the largest meeting/conference centres on Sealand, with 30 meeting rooms, a lecture hall, 135 guest rooms and a restaurant that seats 220.

Pharmakon Konferencecenter is a seminar/conference centre by design. The halls and assembly rooms furnished with one purpose in mind: to give you the best possible framework for advancing your interests. A good part of this learning process takes place outside the assembly rooms.

A great deal of thought has gone into the organisation of our facilities – to create an environment that most effectively provides for human interaction. We know that framework alone cannot accomplish this, so we have adopted a more comprehensive approach, utilising flexible and committed staff members who provide quick and reliable service. Personal service is not just a hollow phrase, and from arrival to departure, our staff always has the guest in mind. We want to do more than create the appropriate conditions.

This effort has paid off. In 2014 we were named Denmark’s healthiest business, and we are also proud to present a perfect 100% customer-satisfaction score in all of our 2014 evaluations.

Contact Pharmakon

Sales consultant, Rikke Spangenberg, Milnersvej 42, DK- 3400 Hillerød Tlf.+454820 6095

Facts of Pharmakon Conference Center

Our facilities are furnished with care and to create an environment that fosters interaction between people in the best possible way.

Why Pharmakon Conference Center?

Be Inspired - Pharmakon Conference Center. Unique facilities and personalised service help to create the atmosphere the guests are talking about. This is the framework for a successful meeting or the professional conduct of your conference.