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Bymose hegn

Why Bymose Hegn?

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Though Bymose Hegn is located just 35 minutes from Copenhagen, it might just as well be another world. 

Far from the hustle and bustle of the capital, Bymose Hegn offers an atmosphere where you can stay focused and inspired for days – with the space to think big thoughts and share them with others.

Naturally, you can arrange for an ordinary meeting at Bymose Hegn. But you can also choose to do much more. No matter what, you will always be met with an opportunity to engage, test limits and learn.

Nature’s learning tools are waiting for you outside. In every room, you will find small pamphlets with exercises you can use to create new energy and movement within the group. You can download descriptions of these exercises beforehand, should you wish to facilitate the process yourself. Common to both the greater and lesser activities is that they do not stress teambuilding in the traditional sense.

It isn’t just a question of having an entertaining experience, and that’s it. On the contrary, the activities are meaningful and are used to increase engagement and boost the learning process in the group.

To return something of value to your organisation, for the workday, you have to transform insight into action. That transformation demands an active contribution from your meeting participants. So when Bymose Hegn recommends a brief walk-and-talk after lunch, it isn’t just for the fun of it – it’s because studies indicate, that ten minutes’ walk after lunch can boost the learning process by 25% in the subsequent session.

Bymose Hegn collaborates with Q-Courage, SpinOff and Siriuspartner. All of these businesses are well acquainted with the seven hectares of land your next conference could employ to get the results you want.

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