Why ForSea?

Be inspired - Forsea. Conference or Party in International Waters

There aren’t many places in the world where you can hold a meeting between or in two different countries. But you can do just that with Forsea Elsinore - Helsingborg. And with the absolute best view of the Sound!

Party or event with a great atmosphere

Onboard, you’ll find excellent party/event rooms that allow you to do virtually whatever you desire. We help you tailor-fit your event – whatever type of activity you prefer, whether it be evening jazz, team-building, wine tasting, a mini-fair or a cosy girls’ night out with perfume testing.

An evening buffet with bar? We’ll see to it – just the way you want it – the possibilities are many, and there are no limitations.

We’ll show you the best of both Denmark and Sweden. The stimulating atmosphere is the perfect way to give a creative conference a unique feel. The food is good, and you have the option of booking two rooms with everything you need. During the day, shopping is always a pleasure especially with our very reasonable prices. Many items are cheaper than they are on land.

Come aboard!