The Par Forcce Hunting Landscape in North Sealand

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The Par Force Hunting Landscape nominated as UNESCO world heritage in 2015, but the hunting landscape has influenced North Sealands forest and culture for a very long time. When King Christian V laid out the Par Force Hunting Landscape at the end of the 1600s, the hunt existed until 1777.

UNESCO World Heritage in North Sealand

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Experience the Par Force hunting landscape as a king

The Par Force hunting landscape is to be experienced by bike - and on two cycling routes, you will be introduced to the areas that make the forests of UNESCO World Heritage.

The Par Force Bicycle Route 105

The Par Force Bicycle Route 105 guides you through Gribskov forest and introduces you to some of the areas and special places that help make the forests and roads UNESCO world heritage.

The Par Force Bicycle Route 110

The Par Force Bicycle Route 110 guides you through The Great Deer Park and introduces you to some of the areas and special places that help make the forests and roads UNESCO world heritage.

A Unesco world heritage road trip

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The Par Force Forests

In North Sealand, the landscape was tamed and shaped on a considerable scale. Lakes, bogs and wetlands were dammed up by stretched roads and slopes were levelled so that you could follow the hunt from central crossings. Read more about the Par Force forests in North Sealand.

Store Dyrehave Forrest

Orienteering, mountain bike, or just a walk in the woods, the forest Store Dyrehave is the obvious choice. The Danish king Christian 4th established the forest south of Frederiksborg Castle, and in 1628 a stone dyke was put up around the forest to keep in the roe deer. The forest was us...


Gribskov (forest) is one of the largest forests in Denmark. The forest is the remaining of the great tangle which covered prehistoric North Sealand. A hundred years ago the lumber from Gribskov was brought to the coast and shipped to Copenhagen where it was used as firewood. With its 55...

Par Force hunting castle in North Sealand

The forests around Frederiksborg and Fredensborg Castle were the mainstay of the Par Force hunt - the splendour and might of the king - And you can see the beautiful castle and palace from which the king rode into the landscape on his quest.

Frederiksborg Castle | Museum of National History

Frederiksborg - a unique Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Picturesquely located in the centre of the castle lake in Hillerød lies Frederiksborg Castle, the largest in Scandinavia. This unique Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV in the first decade of the 17th century, as a testi...

Fredensborg Palace

Fredensborg Palace is the regents most used residence. The beautiful 18th-century baroque palace was built as a hunting palace for Frederik IV and is today often the setting for large official state visits and family events in the royal family.