Kultur byer i nordsjælland kulturhavnen

From historical fishing hamlets to modern cultural towns

Fiskerhus i Hornbæk

Towns in North Sealand

There is a very special feeling and energy in the towns of North Sealand. Location, nature, history and transport routes have determined the development of the towns and resulted in the interesting places they are today. Some of them have arisen around royal palaces, other picture the early Danish industrial history and many have a past as fishing hamlets along Oresund and the North Coast. Go exploring today’s modern towns which are full of experiences with shopping, delicious food and not least culture and history. 


A cornucopia of history, sights and authenticity. Elsinore is a vibrant and modern cultural city with deep historical roots.


With Frederiksborg Castle as its historical landmark, Denmark’s second-largest forest as a neighbour and a thriving commercial life in the city centre, Hillerød is the ideal starting point for combining culture, outdoor experiences and shopping.


The harbour town, between sea and fjord, which is  completely unique.


Old-fashioned beach holidays. Sand for as far as the eye can see, and sparklingly clear blue-green water that tempts you to take a dip. Large, sun-warmed stones on the beachfront, because Liseleje enjoys slightly more hours of sunshine than most places in Denmark.


Frederiksværk is named after the Danish King Frederik V and the city developed around the king’s industry and the Gjethuset cannon foundry.


Gilleleje, the fishing village at Sealand’s northernmost point, has succeeded in preserving the charm and idyllic atmosphere of the original fishing village and is also a vibrant cultural and commercial centre throughout the year.


With nature and the sea as a neighbour, there is a wide range of activities on offer in Hornbæk all year round. Whether in spring, autumn, summer or winter, every day spent at the top of North Sealand is beautiful and rewarding.


Tisvildeleje is the historic seaside resort where for generations Copenhagen’s bohemians have sought refuge from the limelight and hectic pace of urban life.


Fredensborg is a lively castle town that has developed around Fredensborg Palace. The palace is a true gem in Royal North Sealand, and one of the Danish Royal Family’s favourite homes.


Hørsholm sets the stage for the good life on the Øresund Coast, with three golf clubs, a first-class harbour and gorgeous castle hotels. And the city also boasts an exciting history.


A city of culture on the Sound with one of the world’s finest art museums.

Cosy small towns along the Danish Riviera

By Oresund and along the North Coast and its backing you find cosy, small towns – each of which has a charm of its own.


Nivå is located on the wide, shallow Nivå Bay on the Øresund Coast. The area is home to rich birdlife, an idyllic harbour and a lovely beach park. The...


Espergærde was originally a fishing village on the Øresund coast just south of Helsingør. The town boasts an appealing marina and beach and offers acc...


Located on the northern part of the Øresund Coast between Helsingør and Espergærde, Snekkersten is one of the many original fishing villages along the...


Fantastic family-friendly beach and amazing sights


A classic boardwalk with iconic beach huts and views of the sparkling blue sea.

Vejby Strand

Vejby Strand is a lovely old summerhouse area located between Rågeleje and Tisvilde.


Græsted is a railway town located just north of Gribskov in Gribskov Municipality. It is an ancient town where the oldest area around the church, the ...


Helsinge is the last large commercial town you encounter before reaching the stunning summer country of Tisvildeleje, Vejby Strand and Rågeleje. Once ...