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Welcome to North Sealand

Welcome to North Sealand. Copenhagen’s green front yard and the Danish Riviera. North Sealand is full of royal history, vibrant cultural life and unique nature experiences. Here you will find idyllic coastal towns, castles such as Kronborg, museums such as Louisiana and The Nivaagaard Collection, green landscapes, information on accommodation such as bathing hotels, events, attractions, arts, restaurants, shopping, towns, gorgeous harbour environments, design and architecture. Get inspired for your holiday – whether you want to relax on a beautiful beach or enjoy outdoor activities.

Two Castles, a Palace and a Monastery

In North Sealand, we have three of Northern Europe’s most beautiful castles, Fredensborg Palace, Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle.

Cultural experiences out of the ordinary

The region of North Sealand boasts art and cultural scene that is both rich and captivating. When you visit North Sealand these are the absolute top cultural attractions that you must see.

Nature experiences

Outdoor Experiences

Experience the North Sealand coast through the locals. Throw in the wave blue notice the rush and excitement of whizzing over the water — experience the North Coast and the beautiful scenery from the waterside. Here are great opportunities for a lovely day by the sea.

Experience beautiful North Sealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists.

Fishing at the Northcoast

The North Coast of Sealand offers high quality fishing in many forms. Along the coast that’s over 100 kilometres long, you can fish for the sought-after sea trout, take a boat out for cod or spend time with family or friends fishing at ‘put and takes’ or from the harbours and jetties.