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Welcome to North Sealand

The perceptions of North Sealand are multiple. We would like to share our perception of North Sealand with you: The coast. Nature. The history. The culture. North Sealand is full of great and small experiences, activities and events all year. How do you perceive North Sealand?

Nature experiences

In all directions of the region and in the Nationalpark Royal North Sealand, marked routes and paths lead you through deep forest and open spaces, along the beach and close to beautiful lakes. Jump on a bike or tie your hiking boot laces and get ready for new adventures. You get a chance to slow down and open all your senses and inhale nature, right here, right now. It is also called mindfulness.


Gilleleje By

Savner du kulturen i Nordsjælland? Kig med her...

Events in North Sealand

Cultural lighthouses and unknown gems

With Copenhagen close by and the rich, varied nature, artists and creative souls have always felt attracted to North Sealand. A few other places in Denmark you find this rich amount of artistic experiences. Here, you also find international lighthouses within modern art and architecture and you will be surprised by exclusive art collections. Discover small interesting galleries and talented artisans who open the doors to their workshops.


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Nivaagaard Malerisamling

Nivaagaard Collection

A strong and unique cultural heritage

You get close to Denmark’s history when you get access to three royal palaces. Here, you enter a world of pomp and circumstance, greatness and despair. Do not miss out on the strong tales of destiny and unique cultural heritage. The palace gardens are green cultural experiences where you can breathe freely. They are open to the public who can walk around amazing landscape designs. An inspiration to all garden enthusiasts.


Food & drink

Tisvildevejen i Nordsjælland. En vandrerute med smukke naturoplevelser på Sjælland.

Pilgrimage and walking routes

Did you know?

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