Fredensborg - The castle town at Lake Esrum

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Fredensborg is a lively castle town that has developed around Fredensborg Palace. The palace is a true gem in Royal North Sealand, and one of the Danish Royal Family’s favourite homes.

Fredensborg Palace and the Palace Gardens are the town’s main attractions. You can visit the palace gardens throughout the year, while the private garden, the orangery and parts of the palace can be visited on guided tours during the summer (generally all of July and the first week of August). On Slotsgade there are many beautiful historic houses and gardens, and Fredensborg Store Kro is also situated here.

When HM Queen Margrethe is in residence at the palace, a unit of the Royal Life Guards accompanies her, and you can see the changing of the guard ceremony every day at noon and the Life Guards on parade through the town every Thursday.

The town’s pedestrianised high street, Jernbanegade, connects the palace with the town centre, which boasts a vibrant shopping scene with many excellent speciality shops and supermarkets.

From the palace, Skipper Allé leads down to Lake Esrum and Skipperhuset, where you can join a boat excursion in the summer or rent a canoe or kayak.





Fredensborg Palace

Photo: Thomas Rahbek

Nordmandsdalen - The Norsemans' Valley

Sculptures in royal gardens often depict gods and goddesses of antiquity. But in Fredensborg Castle Garden you can see a unique attraction: 70 sandstone sculptures of regular fishermen and farmers, as they looked in 18th century Norway and the Faroe Islands. The sculpture group is called N...

Guidet tur rundt om Fredensborg Slot

Følg årets løvfald rundt om Fredensborg slot i den smukke slotspark. Oplev Fredensborg slot med den smukt anlagte Slotspark og et væld af spændende historier.

Events and sights

Events in Fredensborg

S ee major international exhibitions at Louisiana if you like art, design and architecture, and experience a demonstration of ancient hunting techniques at Falkonergården. Fredensborg Palace welcomes visitors for indoor tours throughout the entire month of July.

The Berry Garden

Guided fruit tours in beautiful berry garden outside Fredensborg  Get a genuine natural experience in a large berry garden in North Sealand. In May...

Lake Esrum

Lake Esrum is Denmarks second largest lake and the lake with the most water. The lake is 9 km long, 2-3 km wide, and at its deepest point, it is up to...

Orchide Nursery

The Orchid Nursery (Orchidegartneriet) in Fredensborg is a paradise for plant lovers with more than 3000 different orchids. Get more information at...

Falkonergården in Fredensborg

The whirr of wings at Falkonergården  Right outside Fredensborg visitors can experience history's whirr of wings when the eagles, hawks and falco...

Eat & sleep well in Fredensborg

Restaurants & cafes

Social/fine dining with 12 courses and wine pairing, or perhaps a little something lighter will do? Fredensborg offers restaurants and cafés in all price ranges, even if you just want a cup of coffee and an ice cream.


Enjoy a royal stay at Fredensborg Store Kro or try the B&B experience at Jørn Utzon’s famous Fredensborg Houses. View other options here.

Outdoor experiences

Dronningerunden-Bicycle route in Fredensborg

Queen's Route is about 40 km long and takes you through Fredensborg Municipality on the bike. The route goes through all four major urban communities in the municipality: Kokkedal, Nivå, Humlebæk and Fredensborg, passing a string of pretty villages, landscapes and sights.

The little ferry at Esrum Lake

Welcome to adventurous tours on Lake Esrum Roundtrips or ride and return to barbeque in Gribskov. Arrangements of special tours and rental of boathouse and Fændrikhus for receptions, parties, courses or similar. Please ask for quotation on telephone 0045-48 48 01 07.

The Crown Route - Around North Sealand

Experience the beautiful North Sealand landscape, the Danish Riviera and Roskilde Fjord. An obvious ride for the adventurous cyclists. The cycle route for you who want to see castles, fishing villages and beaches.

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation. 

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike? Get answers to this and more here.