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Defolation trip at Arresø with M/S Frederikke

Experience pristine and uniquely beautiful autumn on Arresø - join the season's last sailing with the tour boat M / S Frederikke on Denmark's largest lake - Arresø. The last trip of the year is the Løvfaldsturen.

If you want to experience a pristine and unique nature - then go on a sailing trip with the tour boat M / S Frederikke on Arresø - Denmark's largest lake with an area of almost 41 km2.

Autumn offers the most beautiful colours and this Sunday afternoon the 26th of September at 14-17.00 you can join a wonderful leaf fall trip with M / S Frederikke on Arresø. Come and experience the forest when it is most beautiful seen from the seaside. Feel free to bring your coffee and cake.

Meeting place: Arresødalvej 103, 3300 Frederiksværk.

Date: September 25 at 14.00-17.00 | DKK 150.- | Book tickets