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Havtyren nature playground

The playground HAVTYREN is a large natural playground in Liseleje with many playground equipments. There is a swing, a roller coaster, balance beams, arm stands, a covered house where you can eat lunches and even HAVTYREN -the Sea Bull, which the children can climb. Open all year round.

On Lisehøjvej you will find the accessible open-air playground, the Sea Bull(Havtyren), featuring a swing, a switchback, a balance beam, bars for swinging, a covered hut where you can eat your lunch, and not least the Sea Bull, which the children may climb – if they dare!

According to legend, the peasants stole some sea cows from the Sea Bull, who then went ashore, ploughing up the sand, creating a sandstorm that raged until all of Tibirke lay buried in the sand.

The Sea Bull is open all year round and can be found in the small forest on the right as you drive down towards the beach in Liseleje.

By the Sea Bull in Liseleje, you will also find a ropeway, an eel trap, and a seesaw in the shape of a gull.

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