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Summer holiday at Esrum Monastery | Come to Paradise

The summer holidays at Esrum Monestry are full of fun, subtle and educational experiences that can pique the curiosity of children and adults. This summer you can take a trip to Paradise, because what is paradise? Discover different types of paradise: Holiday Paradise, Paradise Garden and Monks' Paradise on Earth.

Summer activities for the whole family during the summer holidays

Every day during the summer holidays, you can come to Paradise at Esrum Kloster. Come and join us in exploring the different Paradise.

Garden of Eden:

Here, everything is in harmony. Here is peace, and people and animals live side by side. Here are beautiful flowers, but there is also a snake that tempts people to eat the delicious apples of the Tree of Life. Help build this snake, which will wind its way through the large monastery courtyard. Here you can also bake sinful pancakes with apples over a campfire.

You can settle down with creative activities around the many beautiful, fragrant flowers and herbs in the beautiful monastery garden. Paint the delicate flowers with watercolour and be inspired by historical drawings of the flowers. You can also make your flowers with crepe paper and ointment from the fragrant medicinal herbs.

Paradise on earth - the ideal place for people

"Paradise on earth" - a place full of peace, harmony and beauty.

What is your Paradise?
Take a walk in the monks' footsteps and become wiser about what Paradise? For the people of the past and you today. Experience different spots in the landscape and maybe get new perspectives on YOUR Paradise.

The Labyrinth
Out on the monastery meadow, you can go through the labyrinth and try to find the way to Paradise. Fight past fun, fabulous animals and visit cities like Rome and Jerusalem. And maybe you will find Paradise eventually?

Café, shop, nature playground - the pure holiday paradise

Visit Mølle Caféen, which offers lunch for the whole family, which can be enjoyed in the beautiful green surroundings. Here you can also get cool drinks - monastery beer from cask, sparkling natural wine, organic juice and soda.

Klosterbutikken As always, the shop has delicious monastery products on the shelves, just as it does not go down on toys and books, and there are lovely summer items on the shelves - and lots of ice cream!

The nature playground is ready to receive children of all ages, and you can play your way into the Middle Ages with a manor house, marketplace, cable car, fun swing, herring barrels and much more.

Date and time

Monday - Sunday 27 June - 7 August (week 26-31)

ENTRANCE: (incl. Activities and access to the exhibitions)

  • Adults: DKK. 85.-
  • Children (3-18 years): DKK. 50.-
  • Children under three years: Free
  • Ticket sales.