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TimeWinder- Nostalgia at land, by sea and in the air

Welcome to TimeWinder - this year's big nostalgic festival. On TimeWinder, time is rewound. Here, all generations can have a wonderful day together filled with fun, unique and exciting offline experiences. The common denominator is ‘a trip in the time machine to when grandfather was young.

Experience 100 years of unique mechanics and culture in Pentecost: Welcome to TimeWinder - this year's big nostalgic festival.

TimeWinder turns back times. Every year in Pentecost, the festival is hosted by veteran enthusiasts and nostalgia. Here is a time when the passion for older machines, vehicles, mechanics, clothing, music, Tivoli and military history, etc. Goes into a higher unit. TimeWinder takes great pride in supporting live story dissemination.

Welcome to Grønnessegaard by Hundested 27.- 29. May 2023

Opening hours:

  • Saturday 27. May 2023 at 10 -23
  • Sunday 28. May 2023 at 10-23
  • Monday 29. May 2023 at10-16


  • Adult DKK. 150,- Children (6-15 years) DKK. 50,-
  • Partout: (All tree days) Adult dkr. 300,- Children (6-15 years) DKK 100,-
  • Family ticket: 2 adults and up to 3 children (6-15 years) DKK 350,-

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