Hotel Hillerød

Hotel Hillerød

Photo: Hotel Hillerød

The perfect place for network meetings! Within walking distance of Hillerød centrum and Frederiksborg Castle.

The location, layout and staff at Hotel Hillerød make it the perfect meeting place for business networking groups of up to 75 persons. Here you can concentrate on networking, while Hotel Hillerød takes care of everything else before, during and after your event.

The initial reaction, when one walks through the door, is that it’s a lovely place to be. The dedicated yet informal staff conducts a cosy sense of calm in the hotel guests. 

’Personal’ is one of the words used most often to characterise Hotel Hillerød. A personal relation to guests, partners and to each other – but also in a physical sense. 

Contact Hotel Hillerød

Manager Katja Slüter, Milnersvej 41, DK- 3400 Hillerød Tlf. +454824 0800 

Facts of Hotel Hillerød

At Hotel Hillerød we will meet you. You can know our strong will and passion for creating the best framework for you and your stay.

Why Hotel Hillerød?

Centrally located in Hillerød, we are right in the heart of beautiful North Sealand. Hillerød is a true pearl, where past and present melt together in the form of landmarks, culture, nature and shopping.