Unikke Mødesteder
Hornbæk Plantage
Marienlyst Strandhotel
Unique Meeting places in North Sealand

Conferences and meetings in North Sealand

Unikke Mødesteder (Unique Meeting Places) is an easy, simple and free one-stop service ensuring memorable and sustainable meeting and conference facilities in Royal North Sealand. Unikke Mødesteder is a network where you get access to 16 unique facilities by way of only ONE admission. Each facility offers its unique qualities and standards. When booking a meeting or organising an event, you get the best possible criteria for arranging a meeting or an event thanks to the cooperation across the network. Your guests will get an exceptional experience. Gastronomy, quality and sustainability combined with nature, culture and architecture are common qualities for all the meeting and conference facilities.


Based on your wishes and requirements, Unque Meetings can obtain offers, organising events, arrange dinners, accommodations, conferences and meetings in one or several places – free of charge. 

The strength lies in the cooperation between the facilities which have in-depth knowledge of each others’ qualities. Our many years and extensive experience putting together the perfect, special and memorable event, meeting or conference make us the perfect partner for your company.