Troldeskoven, Russia and the Island of Fantacy experience special nature and cultural trails

Photo: Sarah in the Green

Distorted trees in quirky forms - perhaps enchanted by forest trolls? Ghostly ruins in the countryside that tell strange stories. And lush nature with open expanses, views and rich flora and fauna. Find the places here.


Pilgrimage routes and hiking routes in North Sealand

North Sealand offers a range of different habitat of nature, ice age landscapes and rare species. If you want to go hiking, the possibilities are plenty. Walk around in Denmark’s history in a landscape where the Vikings have vandalised, kings have reigned, and legends have arisen.

Food & drink

North Sealand – Copenhagen’s pantry. North Sealand represents the good life, good food, good drinks and the good experiences.

Experience beautiful North Sealand by bike

North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists. Discover the majestic castles on the Castle Route along sea and lakes. Visit tiny coastal villages, where thatched houses surrounded by hollyhocks and cobbled stones take you back in time.