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Helsinge is the last large commercial town you encounter before reaching the stunning summer country of Tisvildeleje, Vejby Strand and Rågeleje. Once a quaint old railway terminus, Helsinge is now a modern merchant town.

Helsinge originally consisted of twelve farms situated near the church and reservoir. By the end of the 1700s, the community had dissolved and each farm – except for two – had moved out to their own piece of land. The village now enjoyed a large hinterland, and it grew into a merchant town. Helsinge is a quaint old railway town, and for many years it served as the railway terminus after which the journey continued along the coast by horse and carriage. In the summer of 1924, the last stretch of railway track between Helsinge and Tisvildeleje was inaugurated, and since 1950, the population has doubled.

Shopping options
In and around Helsinge you’ll find many of the major supermarkets and large nationwide chains, and whatever you seek in vacation supplies or cleaning products for your holiday rental, you’re almost certain to find them in the town’s wide selection of shops. Helsinge is also home to North Zealand’s friendliest camping centre, Bijé Fritid & Camping, which has its own workshop and everything you need for camping holidays.

Things to do
A thriving chamber of commerce ensures that there are plenty of events for both locals and visitors throughout the year and the town’s cultural centre – Gribskov Kultursal – features numerous big names on the marquee whether you’re into music, theatre or standup comedy.

Swimming Centre
If you’re unlucky and your vacation is rained out one day, take the family to the Gribskov Swimming Centre located in Helsinge. There’s a large kids’ pool and a water slide that’s just as much fun for mum and dad as it is for the kids.

If you enjoy more active holidays, take Cycle Route 32 to either Tisvildeleje or south toward Hillerød. And Helsinge town centre also offers a number of playgrounds for the little ones.



Sights & activities

What are Helsinge’s sights and attractions – and what’s happening in the area? Find out here.

Gribskov Swimming Pool

The Helsinge swimming centre is for everyone, whether you are an elite swimmer or recreational visitor looking for some splashing fun. The swimming c...

Laugø Smithy

At Laugø Smithy you can see how smiths used to shoe horses. During the opening hours, two skilled blacksmiths demonstrate and explain the old craft of...

Helsinge church

The oldest parts of Helsinge Church its nave and chancel were built approximately 800 years ago in the Romanesque style. The nave was extended and the...

Ree Golf Klub

By the old mill, Pibe Mill, between lakes and rivers in the beautiful hilly country, you will find REE GOLF - an 18-hole course. We also offer pay and...

Experience nature

Hop on a bike and see the nature around Helsinge and Tisvilde Hegn or take a walk on Tisvildevejen.



Route 32 Tisvilde – Hillerød

The cycle route no. 32 extends from the seaside resort Tisvildeleje and takes you through idyllic landscapes in Gribskov with small villages, along st...

The Margurite Route (Margueriteruten)

The Margurite Route (Margueriteruten) is Denmark's national scenic route that takes the driver, and occasionally the cyclist, out on smaller less trav...

Tisvilde Enclosure Bicyle Route

Tisvilde Hegn is Denmark's fifth largest forest stretching from the coast in Tisvildeleje to Asserbo plantation. The forest is located directly beside...

Esrum-Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route

Look forward to a bouquet of varied experiences. On the Tisvilde Pilgrimage Route, you’ll encounter a part of North Sealand in all its immediate and n...

Enjoy the holiday

Helsinge is the last large commercial town you encounter before reaching the stunning summer country of Tisvildeleje, Vejby Strand and Rågeleje. 


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Places to eat

Find a nice place to eat while shopping in Helsinge.


North Sealand abounds with small cosy farm shops selling meat, vegetables and fruit.


Helsinge is the last large commercial town you encounter before reaching the stunning summer country of Tisvildeleje, Vejby Strand and Rågeleje.

Practical information

Here you will find useful information for planning and use during your vacation.

Find opening hours at the tourist information, plan your holiday, see the map of the city, how to get around by public transport, read the large holiday magazine for North Sealand, and where to rent a bike? Get answers to this and more here.