Esrum Abbey and Mill

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Klostergade 11

3230 Græsted



The exhibition room and the abbey vault will during 2019 undergo an extensive renovation. This means that the exhibition "Abbey life" and the reformation game "Faith, Power & Chaos" will be closed until the middle of October 2019. The festivals, holiday activities, food tales and much more will still take place. See more at

The store has temporarily moved to Møllegården. Here you can get genuine abbey products, Trappist beer, local delights and much more. This is also where you can get information about pilgrimage, events and much more. Møllecaféen is open as usual, and there is free access to the nature playground, the abbey garden and the outdoor exhibition "Experience the landscape".

Experience Abbey life at Esrum Abbey

Esrum Abbey was founded by the Cistercian Order in 1151 and was greatly influential as the spiritual centre of the Cistercians in Denmark. At present Esrum Abbey is an open attraction with changing exhibitions and a varied programme with events, lectures, family activities, food experiences etc. The base of all the activities is the story of the abbey’s cultural and natural inheritance.

The Abbey houses the permanent exhibition "Man and Abbey - Abbey and Landscape" about the life of the Cistercian monks. Both the abbey and the mill yard have a shop (Selling abbey and local products) and a café. In the abbey garden, you find some of the herbs that the monks brought with them from France for their medicinal and cooking properties. The place also houses a medieval-inspired natural playground.

The abbey also hosts an annual Mediaeval Festival around Saint John’s Day with a market, jesters, monks and nuns, stalls, musicians and an amazing medieval atmosphere. Other regular events are the Christmas Market, Beer Festival, Harvest Festival and school holiday activities.

At the Historical Days festival, which was held in Copenhagen on March 2015 and 2016, a new prize, the 'Renewal Prize', was awarded via a prize committee consisting of professionals from the heritage and history world. In 2015, Esrum Abbey got the 3rd place for "Food stories" and in 2016 the 1st place for the exhibition "Road to Salvation". Esrum Abbey also won the beer enthusiasts' beer prize in 2017.

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Klostergade 11

3230 Græsted


Saint Hannes Cross

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