oplevelser i nordsjælland cykel

Inspiration for your holiday in North Sealand

oplevelser i nordsjælland kronborg helsingør

Experiences in Royal North Sealand

Nature, museums, outdoor and indoor activities. Whether rain or shine - you will have a lovely holiday in North Sealand. And to help you along we have created categories of events and lifestyles for you to choose from - so enjoy North Sealand - we know you will!

Outdoor experiences

Experience the coast of North Sealand, water and hiking trails. Get plenty of inspiration for experiences in nature here.

NorthSealand by bike

Royal North Sealand is a kingdom for cyclists. Discover the majestic castles or visit tiny coastal villages.


The north coast is called The Danish Riviera. Here you will find a wealth of beautiful beaches.

Fishing at the Northcoast

The North Coast of Sealand offers high-quality fishing in many forms.

Natural areas

Beautiful forests and lakes await you in North Sealand.

Hits for kids & active holiday

Hits for kids

Royal North Sealand is for children as well! Get ideas for many other fun experiences for children here.

Active holiday

Go out and climb in the treetops, an exercise in the outdoors or take a mountain bike tour.

Enjoy life...

The Royal North Sealand

In North Sealand, we have three of Northern Europe’s most beautiful castles. This is where the kings demonstrated their power and wealth and showed everyone that Denmark was one of the most influential countries in the world. This is why we call it ROYAL NORTH SEALAND.

Spa & wellness

Wrap yourself in the thick, soft bathrobe and step into a world of wellbeing, aromatherapy, hot baths and relaxation. Where the whole agenda is enjoyment.

Get married in Royal North Sealand

Make one of the loveliest days of your life even more beautiful, and experience it in Royal North Sealand.